The leaps of logic people make because 1. they don't know my background in tech and 2. don't have the common decency to just ask before running wild with those assumptions will never cease to amuse me.

White people get really upset when I dismiss their completely ignorant assertions because they feel their assumptions of me should be accepted. As if I am obligated to be the person they've made up in their minds.

Ha but I'm the Bad Guy™ b/c I don't entertain their prejudiced bullshit.


I'm a creative tech dude that always happens to be Black. On the internet this affects how people view and interact with me. That's just how it is. You cannot separate that context from online projects just because you don't want to talk about it.

I am under no obligation be kind or accommodating to anyone that thinks erasing a significant part of my experience on the web is being 'neutral'. Because it's not.

I don't care who this offends. Either accept that context or just shut up.

@Are0h as always happens, these people provide living proof of the very prejudices they try to deny.

@ljwrites Irony does not exist to racist and bigots.

It's all about the performance. They don't give a shit about making sense.

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