LOL when white people start some bullshit and get upset you treat it like the bullshit it is.

A play in two parts.

And of course, they are a Pleroma user... because of course.

@virtualwolf Once again, Pleroma shows why it's the garbage heap of the fedi.


@Are0h you can tell they're a pleroma user because of the anime avi

@Are0h If these people were ever acting in good faith, they'd back off when asked to back off, and do research themselves.

@brainblasted That's the thing.

In their social groups, most discussions are a pissing contest rather than an exchange of information. They don't want to have a conversation. They want to be heard and acknowledged in such a way that makes them feel better.

And honestly, I'm not opposed to this. If I can make someone feel better, I will.

But your not going to tell me your acting in good faith when you lead with 'oh maybe you're reading to much into it'.

Ha, they want compliance not convo.

@Are0h @brainblasted They can't even be civil and cooperate with *each other* in conversation. I was investigating an instance for suspension and its all just rabid infighting over... ??? Whose the bigger bigot? Who can say the most slurs at once? Like attracts like and they won't be happy until everyone is on fire.

@popstar @brainblasted Yeah, they believe cock fighting is the highest form of engagement but we're not supposed to see they just don't like each other.

They bring that over here and act SHOCKED when we're not interested in that toxic and juvenile non-sense.

@Are0h @brainblasted Its the most privileged mentality to consider it oppression when someone doesn't want to engage with their words because society has fooled them into believing that even their backwash of a take has any value lmao

@popstar @brainblasted Especially when nothing is said to them directly and choose to insert themselves in a conversation.

It's so easy to get them to melt down because their existed in a bubble where their temper tantrums are treated as legitimate opinion.

When in reality, you're just used to dealing with racist assholes who don't even like each other.

@Are0h Oh to be sure, in the original comic neither is the Sea Lion, he's being a shithead from moment 1. Much like these fuckers, he INSISTS that he's the only one being reasonable.

@Swiff Ha, honestly, it just makes me laugh how quickly they turn when you don't center they completely hypothetical takes as the center of YOUR lived experiences.

And they SWEAR they are doing it in good faith.

That makes me laugh every time.

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