At this point, I think we can all agree Pleroma is a social media platform built specifically for white nationalists.

It has intentionally positioned itself as a primary alternative option for hateful people that have been pushed off of Birdland, FB, etc etc.

I would not be surprised if you see them on the news in the near future as a flash point for organization for premeditated attacks against social groups they hate.

That platform has consistently catered to the worst people.


Having led a few teams in my day, I can say for a fact Pleroma's attitude is an extension of who leads that project. As the saying goes, attitude reflects leadership.

It's not magic Pleroma is so friendly with Gab aligned instances. Bigots feel comfortable using and contributing too that project.

And that's intentional. I don't give a shit how well built it may or may not be.

It has been used to make not only fedi and the world in general an unsafer and more hateful place.

@Are0h weeb twitter (elixir edition) has made the word more unsafe (tm)

jokes aside, i think you might be reading too much into it? like, i don't like some of the people that develop, but free software is what you make of it

pleroma offers both the tools to be an edgelord free-speech yadayada place and an ultra-locked down place a la the most restrictive masto instances. as for being an alternative for "hateful" people, i think it mostly positions itself as an alternative to mastodon and misskey. i've seen no evidence, "official" or otherwise, that it aims to capture any specific audience

i think this is actually a mistake people make a lot, pleroma in and of itself has no culture or whatever - so seeing "them" on the news would be tough considering it's not any sort of unified thing. any instance that facilitates messaging can potentially facilitate action of the kind you suggest- mastodon included.

all in all, we _REALLY_ need to drop this tribalism based on software. most of us dislike the same group of users, and as a _network_ we need to create ways to filter them out

@FloatingGhost Ah and the predictable bigot trying to convince me that the racism I experience on a regular basis is not actually racism.

LOL, classy.

@Are0h eh what? i said nothing about any specific instance or even general actions and if they were or were not racism?

my take was one purely from software and official communications? i'm trying to be here in good faith but ok...

@FloatingGhost It is the opposite of good faith to not only completely ignore the context of what I'm saying but to suggest it's possible that I'm imagining the experiences I've been having since I set up my own instance.

I'm talking about how a specific platform caters to the most hateful people on the web. That's the context.

I have no interest in your reductive attempts to derail that conversation.

@Are0h my dude, i really want to co-operate with you here, we're a federated network, it's in my best interest to not antagonise you in any way

i just wanted to give you my take and suggest an alternative point of view

i really really don't want to be mean but the way you're putting your responses makes me rather... idk, unsurprised that people aren't always nice? you come across as HIGHLY combative, and whilst you might see that as justified, it really threw me and i don't know how i'm supposed to be constructive in any way

my take is as such:
- there are awful people on pleroma
- there are awful people on mastodon
- therefore we cannot make a software implies awful people connection

once again, i have not once suggested that anything did not happen to you

@FloatingGhost LOL, you're talking about not being nice and I'm talking about consistent racism and violence being thrown my way. We're not talking about the same things.

We cannot have a 'constructive' conversation because you keep trying to interpret what I'm saying in a way that makes you feel better rather than attempting to hear a perspective that does not resemble yours.

If me not letting you derail what I'm saying is COMBATIVE to you, that says everything about your intentions.

@Are0h very well your highness, i am deeply sorry for enquiring as to thine train of thought and so thoughtlessly throwing thine precious thread space to the wind like so much ash

from your humble servant who has no opinion for it would not be allowed by his highness

@FloatingGhost LOL every response just confirms your attempt to engage in bad faith and now you're just throwing a tempter tantrum because I won't play along.

That's comedy.

@Are0h whatever lets you sleep at night

really, if this is how you act at everything, people are going to get annoyed at you very very quickly. and then make jokes at your expense, since your actions are incredibly comical.

i came into this really honestly wanting to put across a different point, but you've honestly made me not want to any more, it's mentally exhausting just trying to read your replies

@FloatingGhost Ah yes, now we've reached Evangelion memes used consistently by the most bigoted and hateful people on the web.

Boring and predictable.

@Are0h you are absolutely insane beyond any reproach
sorry to be the one to break it to you~
@Are0h you're obsessed with getting in the last word and i am going to keep replying so you can't have it

@FloatingGhost Thank you for admitting you're just a piece of shit. I can use this.

@FloatingGhost @Are0h There is a point, though, that the developers of the project have their own culture, and that culture informs their priorities, as well as who else joins the development of the project (if they see a culture that’s toxic towards them, they’re less likely to join).

Or, to put it more succinctly, software may not have a culture, but projects have a culture, and projects produce software based on their cultural biases.

(Never mind the whole thing where Pleroma development is actually heavily funded by a porn site, and that further informs the devs’ priorities, to what the porn site wants for their internal social network.)

Also, AFAIK, most of the stuff to make a super locked down instance that’s more secure than Mastodon is old code written by a dev that quit the project because TERFs started adopting Pleroma, and she didn’t want to help them. It still works, but I really wonder how well-maintained it is.

I personally don’t think that it’s explicitly intended as a platform for hate (as opposed to Gab which clearly is), but a lot of the devs and prominent parts of the user community are pretty damn edgelordy or worse.

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