Half the country on fire, the frequency of hurricanes is increasing, law enforcement in America is mostly populated by the klan and a racist, sex predator is in office who people still support.

On and there's still a pandemic that's killing a thousand people a day.

The only real question is are you going to die along with the white people who are determined to kill a nation out of spite.

I'm not dying for America.

My ancestors did not sacrifice everything for me to get here to die trying to save a place that doesn't even have the basic common sense to not set itself of fine decade after decade.

The US is and always has been a place of insanity and lunacy for the sake of whiteness.

It should not exist.

@Are0h Yep agreed. This is why I A) support a radical revolutionary project and B) why I will be checking out of the country for as long as possible

@guerrillarain I like to be on the move, so I'll probably bounce around for awhile. A few months here a few months there.

I like Central America and the Caribbean so I'll probably be in that part of the world most of the time.

@Are0h @guerrillarain THis sounds great, if you ever need advice or hook ups in Mexico, if that's an option, lemme know.

@MoMartin @guerrillarain I lived in Cancun for about half a year and everyone there said I would love Mexico City so you'll probably here from me.

@MoMartin @guerrillarain It got my attention because virtually everyone I met in Cancun said I should go to Mexico City. It was so weird, man.

But apparently that's the spot for culture, food, art, etc. People said I would have no problem making friends and finding stuff to do.

@Are0h @guerrillarain Definitely no problem finding stuff to do. Making friends I've heard mixed accounts, some people say "I had an easy time making friends here" others say they really struggled to find a community in the way they wanted.

@Are0h @guerrillarain Actually, scratch that, now that I think of it, I've only heard that from one person, and they were talking about a very specific sort of queer and polyamorous community.

@MoMartin @guerrillarain Ah, ok. I can definitely see how that could be a challenge. From what I understand, that's tough to find in the States.

In any event, I know I'm gonna find myself down there in the near future so I'll reach out for some advice.

@Are0h big mood friend, the movers are literally here packing up my stuff.

@nein09 I'm not too far behind you.

What is happening is absolute lunacy.

This place just doesn't want to be better.

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