LOL New Mutants is getting PANNED.

Nobody wants to see white washed bullshit anymore.

@Are0h I read an article too about the director not caring about safety of people seeing it in theatres. He said something about "if it's safe enough to have a 700-person house party with no masks, it's safe to come into a theatre with masks."

I don't know anything else about the movie, but the preview I saw on a YT ad looked pretty bad. But yeah, all-white casts are unacceptable and I don't get that.


@greyor Bob McLeod of the the creators of the original New Mutants has gone on record saying how disappointed he was with Boone's white washing of the core cast.

And apparently they even misspelled his name in the credits.

The director just seems like a grade A asshole that got this job because he has a friend that's a movie exec.

@Are0h ugh that is completely unsurprising to hear. Sounds like it for sure. Definitely a movie I won't be seeing. Thanks for sharing for sure.

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