The thing about capitalism is that it's not about money but rather the distribution of money and the abject cruelty and violence used to maintain that flow of resources.

There are a million ways to make some bread, man. It's been proven the most effective way to build national wealth is to fund welfare programs because it always has a positive return. Always. 10 times out 10.

We don't do it because capitalism incentives cruelty over national well being.

The effectiveness of the proliferation and perpetuation of capitalism is directly connected to anti-blackness. White people and their tokens buy into capitalism because we've been conditioned to believe access to wealth makes a human 'elite' rather than just being a by product of nefarious policy that re-routes resources to people have done little to earn it.

This is encapsulated by the Southern Strategy, which is by far the most successful political stragegy in American history.

Capitalism is along with the American law enforcement are the primary pillars of white supremacy in the States. These are the main tools used to keep people oppressed and in crisis.

White people believe they are not in crisis because they have been told capitalism isn't working because Black people are lazy, Mexicans are stealing their jobs, etc etc, but the primary reason their livelihoods have been gutted is because of the vampiric adherence to and ideology designed to keep them poor.

To say capitalism is at the core of society's slow decline is an understatement but it is enabled by the constant and unrelenting context of racism in America.

Being anti-racist also means being anti-capitalist. The reverse is true as well. If you are a capitalist you are inherently racist because you are supporting an unjust system that not only removes resources from communities that have worked for them but punishing them as well for not participating in it.

When I say racism is the problem it is because it has been historically used to enable so many terrible moments in American history. That is the single consistent theme through red-lining, Jim Crow, the Recession, the election of 45, the veracity of police brutality or whatever other incident one wants to name that has led to the significant delays in American progress.

Racism is the primary tool deployed in the States to contextualize the harm we constantly deal with as 'normal'.


I would definitely say capitalism is just another expression of racism because it cannot exist without the context of dehumanization. Capitalism cannot exist without the fictitious idea that some people are just 'lesser' because of their identity.

Racism is why white people continue to cling to capitalism even though they have been devastated by it. Their hate is being used against them and has been for centuries.

That's how we got to this point.

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