So Facebook took down the group that ORGANIZED the group of white terrorists that came specifically to Kenosho to kill people.

How long have we been SHOUTING about the the lack of responsibility these social media platforms have been showing has DIRECTLY lead to violence against targeted communities?

We keep telling you what the problem is but white people don't want to listen. And these terrorists take advantage of it.

We're seeing time and time and time and time again.

There's a REASON PV comes down hard on bigots. There's a reason why I personally screen shot and show the fedi who these people are.

You have to realize that what happened in Kenosha starts in place like the fedi. These people committing violence are your friends and your family.

If you are not making it harder for these lunatics to organize, you're helping them. If bigots don't mind interacting with you b/c you give them space, you're enabling harm to continue.

Either you are helping to stop bigots from operating and perpetuating harm or you're helping them. There is no middle ground.

If you get more upset about the conversation around bigotry and hate than the bigotry and hate itself, you are actively protecting bigots.

Either your doing what you can to fight hate or you're complicit.

There is no other option.

@Are0h Taking shit down *after* their goal was already achieved is just hiding the evidence.

Fuck Facebook, and fuck every other place that doesn't crack down hard on bigotry.

...We're gonna have to leave it at that because this is bringing us F-Droid flashbacks and we really don't need to re-litigate that for the thousandth time.

@Are0h This is exactly why I went against the Librem One initiative.

@Are0h 100% agree with you here and thank you as always. I have a question though: I, like many others I know, have blocked/muted all the bigoted instances I know of on the fedi, and I don't go on federated much. What can I be doing to be proactive in calling out bigots on here? Is (an) answer spending more time on federated? Just thought I'd ask, as I def want to do what I can to fight hatred, as you mention.

@greyor Bigots are allowed to operate because people refuse to call them out and talk about them because they 1. don't want to be looked upon as a person that empathizes with Black people and 2. don't want to deal with the violence bigots mete out when they don't get their way.

One of the biggest things one can do is bring that into the light. Expose them. Bring attention to their networks and relationships. Reduce the space they have to cause harm.

They exploit people staying silent.

@Are0h thank you for these insights, I appreciate it. I am trying to keep learning every day and work at calling out bigots when I see them.

I just pulled up federated and will be more attentive not only there, but also among my own friends (and most importantly offline too). For example I have an indigenous friend who says she feels unsafe walking in her neighborhood; people have yelled at her from cars and such and it's awful. I need to go walk with her sometime.

@greyor It's stuff like that that really helps. Getting in the game. Letting people know you are willing to pay a cost for their safety and well being.

You are taking active steps to reduce harm in someone's life. Keep going. Keep doing that. You're on the right path.

@Are0h happy to hear that. Yeah, honestly the only reason I haven't yet is due to social distancing &c. We used to see her and her family a lot, but have only seen them once recently. But next time I see her I am gonna ask her about that. We are doing a camping trip together in a couple of weeks actually.

Anyways thanks. I appreciate you interacting w/me and I always worry I'm bugging you when I reply to your posts (that's probably in my head), so thanks for responding!

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