Have you noticed how quiet all the FREE SPEECH advocates have been about what's happening with the police and protesters?

@Are0h Have they? I thought they were all talking about how great it was that the police are finally doing "what's necessary" to stop these "violent anarchists" from destroying the country.

@Are0h Not to mention all the musketfuckers being absolutely fine with that tyrannical behavior the guns are supposed to be for.

@WeeMadHamish That's a whole other topic.

I've heard hundreds of white people state with their chests they would readily take up arms against the government if they started violently infringing on people's rights.

Those same people are cheering the police right now.

@Are0h @WeeMadHamish I encountered one of those "freedom" profiles with this as the banner picture and the cognitive dissonance made my brain hurt. I kinda want to know what their train of thought is but I also really want to avoid a train wreck.

I really wish this weren't as true as it was. 

@Are0h Lol yes! And it turns out that those extremely loud folks that say "I don't agree with what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it" were mostly middle aged moms from the Portland area. Who knew!

@Are0h Im pretty sure were not hearing from them for the same reason you don't see cops breaking up KKK rallies or Hannah Montana at a Miley Cyrus concert.

@Are0h I actually haven't because they're all blocked lol

@pizza This assumes I am talking exclusively about the fedi.

I am not.

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