"Come, Smek'j'laryid... it's only a cracked warped drive, 25% of the hulls missing, a completely fried electrical system, no shield modulator, an impacted pulse drive system and some minor MINOR radioactive fluid leakage into the cockpit!

Where's that can do attitude, buddy. Between our 8 arms combined, WE GOT THIS!"



puts ship on cruise control, cracks open a Gek microbrew.

"Garvey actual to Captain, over."

"Yeah, what's up, Lgren."

"Captain, you were due back 3 hours ago. We really need to sort, catalog and store our haul from our three expeditions..."

sips beer

"You're right. That sounds important."

"Are you even in the system?"


"sigh Please let us know when you're back on board. We really need to get this done It's been..."

"Roger that. CAPTAIN OUT!"


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