A lot of people don't realize that this instance was just an experiment for me that went so outstandingly well that I decided to keep it up.

Using Masto is like... the alpha phase of my overall plan of what I want PV to be.

The racism was an expected and disappointing side effect of the unexpected profile my instance has gained but running has proven many of social theories in practical ways.

For me personally, PV has been wildly successful b/c it highlights what tools we actually need.

@imani Tools that priorities safety and stability over just plugging in features so our platforms resemble the mainstream players that we are allegedly trying to escape.

There isn't enough emphasis being placed on giving individual people the ability to pick and choose what they want to display and be known outside of their own communities.

That needs to change.

@Are0h Anything more concrete? Curious what specific things you have in mind that would address those concerns.

@imani Tell me what you're looking for. You seem to have something particular in mind.

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