White people and their tokens wanting you to question your own reality based on their hostile ignorance of it and debate their fantasy is one of the most common forms of racism their is.

And it is common practice on the fedi. It happens all the time here.

@Are0h A habit most difficult to end is asking questions. It is so hard to not ask questions and instead both listen and believe. Listen and believe. To hear and understand what is said. To take a beat to hear and understand the story or experience being relayed. And also to stay quiet because things may be said that aren’t for me, that may not be understandable by me. To not conflate sharing with dialogue. To only listen. To only listen.

@sbeebe This is hard to do when we exist in societies that encourage that kind of behavior.

White people encourage and reward not listening to Black/Brown narratives. Men are rewarded for dismissing women. Straight people are lauded for ignoring and speaking over LGBTQI experiences.

We are all products of the various cultures we have grown up and and internalized.

And a big part of popular culture is to ignore and even demonize sitting back, listening and reflecting.

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