White people on the fedi know what they're doing just like they do on every other social media platform.

The fedi is toxic to Black/Brown folks because they want it to be.

The math isn't complicated.

The fedi hates Black/Brown folks just like anywhere else, there's just less consequence for it here.

That brief moment of Black Lives Matter was cute but all someone had to do was blame PV for some bullshit we weren't involved in and it resumed it's racist posture.


I'm still a huge fan of de-centralization, but Masto aint it. Pleroma, Pixelfed, PeerTube etc aint it.

They are all projects that do nothing to address the issues that is plaguing social media right now. If anything, they make social media worse be removing what little consequences that were meted out on other platforms.

And that is issue is harassment and abuse.

White people don't want better spaces. They want their own fiefdoms with no consequences.

The demonization of PV while actual neo nazis and white nationalists exist in the fedi with direct and indirect support is the legacy of this place.

The fact people view PV in a space where little or nothing has been done to harm the growth of bad actors tells me everything I need to know about the trajectory of the projects we see coming out.

That said, I'm happy to be the enemy of people that don't like PV's relentless drive for safety and stability.

I'm cool with that.

The idea that the fedi is a more progressive space than FB, Snap, Twitter or whatever else is a delusion. It is objectively not true.

It is a better space for bigots who profess they are not because they can build their own kingdoms of sycophants and tokens that will always massage their insecurity and falsehoods. These tools are built for them.

People hate PV because it just exposes the lie.

That's all it really is. That's all its ever been about.

@Are0h do you think something better can federate with those?

@Are0h I've seen this place 10 years ago, nothing changes. It's so sad and pathetic, and a statement to the general user or administrator/developerbase. I just see it as a democratic experiment, and it's a bad one for all that happens to PV.

@nikita The fedi mimics the society we exist in.

Where people profess to want equality, safety, justice, etc etc but continue to support people and initiatives that work against all of those things.

The fedi could be a better place today in the same way a country like America could be better today.

It just chooses not to be. Again and again and again.

And the reason for both environments are the same.

Whiteness is more important than everything, even people's own lives.

@Are0h absolutely agreeing here. and to be honest I don't know how to cope with this after all these years of seeing it just getting worse, when the consensus of development seems to be less in favor of building supporting structures.

@nikita From me view, we need to get people other than white folks involved on the ground level of building the culture around these projects.

Everyone has asked me how to make various projects better from Eugen to Kaniini but when it comes to actually doing it, they straight up refuse.

Having run my own instance for awhile, I know it can be done better. It's actually not that hard.

So, I'm just going to take the challenge and start building my own tools and share that knowledge.

@Are0h sounds reasonable and really the best way. I don't like my short answer, but it's really the only thing I can add now. I like what you are doing.

@Are0h Block out the more blatant racists so they can be ignored, attack the outspoken Black people by claiming they're racist so they can be forced into submission.

This is literally what each layer of the reich-wing does. Democrats try to ignore the blatant racism by Republicans, and Republicans try to ignore the even more blatant racism by Trump and the Proud Boys.

It shouldn't be surprising that white people carry over such practices into so-called "progressive" spaces.

@KitsuneAlicia The funny part is that the blatant racism isn't the problem. We all know how to come down hard on that.

It's the actions that are performed in private by people who allegedly want better spaces.

I know for a fact most of the high profile people who say they want SAFETY AND DIVERSITY are still friends with people that have fought hard against those things.

In that respect, you're on the money with the American politics analogy.

That's how the fedi operates.

@Are0h Right. Our apologies for not clarifying. The problem is how white people *handle* the blatant racism by ignoring it or even attempting to defend the person from any semblance of consequence by completely detaching the racist actions from them more often than not because they see some of their own behavior in the racist's behavior and can therefore relate.

@Are0h Wow. Typing this out made us realize the sheer level of wrongness in blaming bigotry on psychopathy/sociopathy. Like, we knew for a while that such a diagnosis was wrong, but we didn't know why.

Bigotry uses empathy to perpetuate itself by fostering "sameness" in specific physical attributes while destroying any empathy for "sameness" based on behavior/situations/etc.

It isn't a lack of empathy so much as a cultivation of a specific type at the expense of all others.

@Are0h Thank you for helping us to lay out our thoughts to learn something new and as a result better articulate something we already knew.

bad low energy sarcasm 

@Are0h The technology is great. You seem to be against the implementation. If so,start an independent instance.

@farhan Ha, I've been running my own instance for almost 3 years.

Try again.

@Are0h Try again what? You are the fediverse. Per your feed, your instance hates black and brown. And if not, then you have no problem. Either way, the tech itself is great. And if you disagree, then why are you participating in the hatred of black and brown people?

@farhan LOL what are you talking about?

If what you got from what I said is that my instance hates Black and Brown people, you have a very serious reading comprehension issue.

You sound completely nonsensical.

@farhan Ha, no... you're not.

I clearly layout what my issue is. You're just being obtuse for some odd reason.

@farhan Ha, the fediverse isn't only one individual so you're just being obtuse. Again.

This is getting boring.

When you start making sense, I'll listen.

Otherwise, enjoy... whatever it is you think you're doing.

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