People don't want to hear this because people want to cling to this delusion that the fedi is some progressive place but the reality is that Twitter is a safer place for Black/Brown folks.

That's how awful the fedi is. That's how awful the fedi wants to be.

@Are0h , what are you talking about "the fedi"? The fediverse?

Interesting thought. Since i Don't know so many people of color on fedi (i think among All the people on fedi i know i have the darkest skin tone), what beings you to that conclusion? I mean i left Twitter after a shitstorm where albinos tried to tell me that "i am the racist" (classical Albino move) because of my Rant of a Black faced Coffee bean. Their comments where mostly "its just a fuckin Coffee bean there is nothing "racist" - 1/2

about it", when you could clearly See it was blackfacing Art style... @Are0h - 2/2

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