Again, PV is not the place for bullshit confederacy apologist hot takes because one feels the need to be 'different'.

Take that fuckery elsewhere.


I think someone already referred to you as such (in terms of being in a small minority among moderators/admins/Instance owners?) and from your tone it sounded like you might be.

I don't understand the mechanics of Mastodon very well and got banned from the big science Instance very quickly for talking about Whiteness so I am interested in how these things work.

@MutualityWSDEs It doesn't really matter who the moderator here is... posting confederacy revisionist history crap is racist trolling and one can take it elsewhere.

If you aren't the one doing it, then I'd recommend starting a new, respectful thread asking about why you were banned and learning more about the mastodon network of sites.

If you were, well, Are0h speaks as well as anyone: take that crap elsewhere.


I've think you've got the wrong end of the stick.

I got banned for talking about Whiteness but it wasn't on this Instance.

@MutualityWSDEs I do understand; I think the confusion arises from the post you decided to reply-to.

If you aren't posting on this instance - or replying to users on this instance - as the OP mentioned, then the original post was not relevant to you. The better way would be to initiate a fresh thread asking the questions you wanted to ask.


I saw it as relevant to me as a Mastodon user.

I think you are overdoing it here.

@MutualityWSDEs You say that you're new to Mastodon, and want to know about how moderators make their decisions: I'm trying to gently tell you that is fine, but start your own thread.

A PV user was posting about *specific, harmful behavior*, and you pivoted to discussing moderation, which -- perhaps you did not intend so -- is a classic trolling technique.

I'm trying to assume that this was not your intention, and asking you to respect the original poster and start your own thread on the topic

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