As the fediverse has proven itself to be violently antagonistic to anything not centering whiteness and committed to performative actions that don't mean shit to targeted communities, I'm focusing on PV until I build a viable solution to get us off this shit show.

I have absolutely no confidence in the bullshit efforts most instances have made at moderation as it largely doesn't do shit to stop abuse, mostly because y'all are friends with these people.

So I'm not wasting my time anymore.

If you're Black/Brow and are sick of having to manage yourself to make white people feel comfortable give me a shout. The PV local experience is vastly superior to the flaming dumpster fire that is the fediverse.

If you're not Black/Brown, you're going to need recommendations from at least two people PV is cool with if you want access.

I don't give a fuck how this makes anyone feel.

We've given y'all multiple chances to be decent in the most basic human sense and you can't.

So here we are.


I've been here for almost three years and I've amassed enough data to clearly see 99% of the people on here straight up lie about making the fedi better for Black folks because they are still cool with people that have dedicated themselves to malign any fucking effort that does not make white people instantly comfortable.

So I'm through talking. Y'all can jerk each other off b/c I'm going to actual focus on the work of make a safe space and not run off at the mouth about it.

Bye and fuck you.

@Are0h any white people serious about the need for a real space for BIPOC on the fedi better be donating to help build playvicious

@Are0h :( Fucking sucks that that's necessary, but also 100% understandable.

What's the mechanism by which you're doing that? PV as an instance stays but won't federate at all?

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