Ha, if the fedi was all #BlackLivesMatter like I'm seeing today, it wouldn't have a reputation for running off all Black folks that refused to be tokenized.

Y'all are full of shit.


I've been gaslit, lied about, attacked, dog piled, had a few campaigns where folks were emailing my host provider to take Social down, hit with a couple of DDoS attacks and still deal with a consistent group of bigots going after people that follow me to undercut me.

People are right when people say this isn't Twitter because it's worse.

White people have used the fedi to create their own little fiefdoms of hate with no accountability whatsoever.

The idea the fedi is better is a joke.

People talk all this bullshit about SUPPORTING BLACK artists but I still mostly fund PV out of my own pocket. @ArtistMarciaX has given y'all a master's level education FOR FREE on here and she still struggles to get basic shit.

Meanwhile projects led by racists pieces of shit like Pleroma, Pixelfed and even Masto itself have no financial issue.

I've been on this bitch for almost three years and this context has barely moved an inch despite the work of some supremely talented people.

The only reason I am still here is because this instance is of value to the people who use it and understand this only the beginning of projects I want to build.

B/c Masto aint it. Masto has consistently been weaponized to the point where I can't recommend it to my friends because it's more resistant to safety that even Facebook and Twitter.

Y'all mother fuckers just hate Black people but don't have the guts to say it, so you enable your bigot friends to do the work.

That's what the fedi is

I'm exceptionally proud of the work I've done on PV and the new connections I've made (you know who you are) because there isn't another admin on the fedi that could keep this shit going like I have in the face of such consistent hate and abuse.

But the fedi as a whole is garbage. Not because it has to be but rather because it chooses to be.

The fedi enables hate just like any other social media network for the sake of numbers.

Ha, believing that it's different is pure uncut delusion.

No, I'm not taking PV down because fuck you, but it's a waste of time trying to mold the Masto enabled fedi community something that isn't so toxic for Black and Brown people.

If you're down with PV now, we're cool and we'll continue to build because it's just time to move forward.

I hope the rest of y'all eat each other.

Fuck you and good day.

@Are0h Thank you for the work you have done. It has improved me and my life.

Unfortunately, technology can't fix broken people. They have to do that themselves. Very sorry that you have had to deal with so much shit.

@Are0h thank you for all the work you've done and continue to do. I learn so much from you and others on PV every day, and am doing my best to internalize it all, and have it inform my actions going forward.

@Are0h hate is so ingrained in the forms of not respecting people’s threads, elements of torture, and intellectual vanity, that I just don’t see a way out.

@Are0h what's the best way to help with costs? Patreon?


Right!? I still haven't had to deal with (on other platforms) nazi's trying to take over my server and blast out pedo pics to try to get my instance banned.

There's things I love and absolutely hate about the fedi. I have a learned a helluva lot more on the fedi though in regards to race & gender issues. So there is that.
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