The reports we're hearing of white agitators inserting themselves into protests led by Black folks and being the main source of violence is identical to the behavior of white folks on the fedi who infiltrate our communities and attempt to undermine them from the inside.

The context of whiteness is like a fingerprint. It is very easy to recognize these behaviors when they are continuously used to frustrate progress.

And just like on the fedi, we are seeing the commitment and dedication of racists literally creating the narrative that their PROGRESSIVE white counterparts latch onto to 'criticize' Black folks trying to find justice.

This is why no one trusts the efforts of PROGRESSIVE white people.

They just do not have the same commitment to their cause like their racist counterparts.

White progressiveness is usually performative while practicing racism is not.

It's irrelevant if racists are the minority

Racists know they can leverage the inherent bias white people have against Black folks at any time to their advantage.

That's how you can watch a person get murdered on camera but still say Black people are 'out of control' when we start protesting.

That's how you can literally record white people starting fires and breaking windows but still arrest Black folks for the crime.

Political slant is irrelevant when it comes to racism. The effort to dehumanize to justify violence is universal


White people give money and that's cool but you rarely, if ever, see white people in the streets taking it to other racists to give Black folks express their voices.

You see white people joining in and sometimes putting themselves between us in the police on rare occasions but there is never a collective action by white people to counter the racists the know are going to react to our actions.

That's how we know white people are full of shit. They allow racists to operate and speak for them

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