My tolerance for white people's shit has always been low, but between the election of 45 and now this pandemic, it's pretty much hit zero.

White people have had 4 centuries and some change to get their shit together and they haven't.

There have been entire libraries written that describe what to do about racism and whiteness and they STILL harass Black/Brown folks for solutions.

That culture is bankrupt. And pretending it's not the primary reason the world is such a hard place is non-sense


Every other social group in America has had to figure out how to survive atrocity and mass tragedy, wether we are talking about manifest destiny, slavery and reconstruction, internment camps during WWII, sterilization/medical experimentation, etc etc. In a country like the US, the list is long.

However, white Americans, who are constantly frothing about personal responsibility are still bitterly complaining about not knowing how to basic decent humans.

Man... fuck that.

One of the things Russell Means said in his speech was that he is not talking to white people because they have shown repeatedly they don't want to listen. I agree with this.

I don't talk about racism and whiteness in an attempt to appeal to it's non-existent humanity.

I talk about it so we know what we are dealing with and don't take on the self inflicted burdens and troubles of that culture as our own.

White people choosing to die is not our problem.

I'm not taking on that weight. Ever.

I didn't join the fediverse to try and build 'community' with people that don't give a fuck about us. I have zero interest in assuaging the constant violence so they can feel comfortable in a space that does not center their insanity.

I am here to build spaces according to our interests as creators, thinkers, innovators, lovers, etc. I am here to build spaces that embrace the fullness of what people are.

I could give a fuck less about what white people do b/c they want the opposite of that

I hope white people get it together and realize they are more than whiteness dictates they should be, but I'm not going to take their shit and their need to displace their misery onto us while they decide if they want to be rational and decent humans.

I think we have all paid more than enough in our attempts to reason with whiteness.

At this point, they need to do that work themselves or just choose to continue onto their path into irrelevancy.

The rest of us are just moving on. It's time.

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