If it's one thing the pandemic has made abundantly clear is that the greatest threat to the US continues to be white Americans.

That social group has shown time and time again that they simply do not care about the national good and only deploy their waning political privilege to make the country worse for everyone including themselves, to satisfy whatever fleeting feeing the group holds at the time.

White people are and always have been the reason the country cannot move forward.


Well what can I do as a white American deploy my privilege to make things safer short of belting these people in the face so they have another reason to stay home?

@zzz That is for white people to figure out.

The rest of us are just trying to survive this bullshit.


But lots of white people think they doing good when all they are doing is helping themselves, so I am skeptical white people will all by themselves figure out a solution that isn't totally self-serving.


I don't think we survive any of this with self-serving solutions.

@zzz Yeah, no shit. Thank you for repeating what I said back to me.


I'm sorry. I just want to use my privledge constructively and not accidentally make things worse.

@zzz I do not want an apology. I want action behind these sentiments.

Apologies do nothing to reduce harm.


a few tips:

* read books. Many books have been written about racism, antisemitism, privilege, oppression, etc.

* try to understand how historic movements have worked, how they have fought for their ideals. Use that to fight for a equitable society.

* donate your money to oppressed, less-privileged people.

* in bigger cities, there are probably meetups, presentations, etc. about such topics, which you can go to.

* one thing in particular is to do antifascist actions. Because non-white people suffer from fascism and *especially* by many white people ignoring attacks from fascist groups.

* one consequence of your white privilege is that its easier for you to ask inconvenient questions. So use that to reveal oppressive behavior of others. Make voices of the oppressed people heard, if you can.

@Are0h @zzz

a few recommendations:

* The real story of Rosa Parks -- and why we need to confront myths about black history | David Ikard

* The Philosophy of Antifa | Philosophy Tube
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