An old friend of mine started a new blog and his first piece is talking about Barrett's portrayal in the new FF7 Remake.

You should read it.

@Are0h just finished reading this. Was really insightful, thanks for sharing! They've got a new subscriber, it's refreshing to see pop culture commentary like this

@Are0h I'm pausing for a moment on this passage because it is so so good:

"This is social psychology 101. When you do not see yourself in someone, particularly someone from a different culture or ethnic background than you, you are more likely to stereotype them and keep them at a distance because you do not know them nor understand them."

@Are0h keeping his website bookmarked for his future installments

@Are0h "It's a reminder that you cannot wait for someone who is not you to include You in the worlds they create. Because they're not going to.

You have to write yourself in."

There's a reason we started writing stories and this is it. Mainstream trans representation is still largely stuck in the 1990s and the stuff that isn't is still problematic in various ways that makes it obvious it was written by cis people.

@Are0h We may not understand the Black experience, but that's why we try to let y'all speak and us just listen and amplify your voices.

But in the process of reading and listening to y'all, we've seen these kinds of similarities pop up far more often than we expected, and it makes us want to stand in solidarity with you more and more against the harmful stereotypes that are the mainstream.

@KitsuneAlicia There are an incalculable number of cultures on this planet and everyone's experience is unique so we may never fully understand each other.

But that's ok because we have many experiences that overlap if one can do the work and let go of the biases they have been taught.

We have a lot more in common than not.

@Are0h Exactly. We don't expect to ever fully understand the Black experience. We just wanna fight to make sure the resources are there for the both of us to live how we want. And building based on these commonalities is exactly how we go about doing it.

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