White people have this weird pessimism and doomsday mentality when they become aware of social injustices and inequalities that have been at play for hundreds of years. Not affected by, just aware.

I've always thought this was ironic b/c it shows how far removed they are from the cultures that have fought so they could be here and fully swallowed whiteness to define their world view.

It's almost as if there is no space for hope, optimism and joy in whiteness.

What a brutal way to live.

I've always felt a primary function of racism is to displace this hopelessness white people feel onto the rest of us. To make us feel like being happy and whole is impossible even though as Black Americans our existence is proof that it is very far from that.

Whiteness removes historical context from one's experience, so everything is viewed as bleak and irrelevant, which is ahistorical in terms of human progress.

In the end, it's usually just white people making things worse to justify a view

in the context of what we are going through now, there is story after story of white people intentionally spreading disease, but they want us to believe that this is 'just how it is'.

It's a microcosm for how white people are primarily responsible for the injustices and violence marginalized communities have dealt with, but flat out refuse to accept responsibility for it.

The world is not a hopeless place. We know how to make it better.

Whiteness just violently denies this reality.

@Are0h I'm having to fight that feeling, myself. I think part of it is confronting the enormous scale and ubiquity of the problems after being sheltered by white culture for much of my life.

@RecursiveRabbit Yeah, I get that, which is why I recommend anyone who is dealing with this to dive into history.

The idea of whiteness is a pretty new concept in terms of global history, so it's pretty shallow in the way of culture so it trys to mimic one by stealing from various others and demonizing the parts it doesn't like.

Learning about where one comes from is the most effective method for dealing with this.

These issues aren't new. We are just taught they are.

@Are0h I've always seen the European politically progressive cultures as highly hopeful and well spirited in the fight against the kyriarchy.

@leth When that results in some actual tangible results for Brown and Black folks that reduces harm, I'll agree.

@Are0h I think it's ahistorical to say that it hasn't improved things. Granted there are plenty of things that still need to be changed. But that fight is old, very old and the progress is extremely slow, but slow is not without result. Partly because most of the western world is as you say rather passive about it.

There's also this grand illusion of the western superiority not only in the oppressive term but in that the western culture is the most well developed civilisation and that we have already ended oppression in the west.

@leth I didn't say things haven't improved. What I said is that when the European progressive cultures hopefulness results in tangible results that reduces harm for, I'll agree.

Things have improve largely because Black and Brown folks have fought for them, not because some random European progressive group.

Well, yeah and that's just whiteness trying to overwrite the global reality of oppression still being firmly entrenched in our various societies.

That lie makes white people feel better

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