So another beta for Panic's forth coming editor Nova dropped and as a code editor, it's just beautiful. You can do just about everything in app from source control to running builds and previewing them in browser.

The only thing it really lacks at this point is solid extensions support to catch up with the others that are out, but that will happen once it officially comes out.

But as a successor to my favorite editor of all time Coda, it's looking very impressive.


Most of my personal projects are set up to do stuff through the command line like prettification and linting so I'm not put off by the lack of extensions and can just plug them in as they become available.

I'm gonna switch one of my projects over to Nova and see how it feels to use it for a few weeks.

I really missed Coda when it aged out, so I'm super hype Panic is getting back into the editor game.

@Are0h just grabbed the latest beta. I already love the playful, starfield UI.

@Are0h How about context-sentitive tab completion, jumping to definitions or references with a single keystroke, function documentation in a tooltip, highlighting of errors in real time, the ability to set breakpoints and debug directly in your editor, embedded REPL that can take you directly to modules and functions in the editor, and the ability to click on errors from the compiler and have them take you directly to the relevant line of code? Even small conveniences add up.

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