So basically the GOP is arguing for more bailouts for various corporations while the Dems are trying to increase basic protections for workers who are bearing the brunt of an unexpected work stoppage.

And under the table the GOP is giving the Gestap... I mean ICE all the medical equipment and services it needs to continue their racist work.

I mean... it's pretty clear what they're doing.


There is a long US tradition of using crisis to make wealthy people wealthier. This is one way people build wealth in the States. Withholding basic necessities for the larger population is an American tradition. There's a reason we don't have national healthcare.

The part that's frustrating is that we see these massive expenditures to prop up failing industries, but barely a trickle for people in need.

Black folks know this more than most. This has been our reality from day one.

Our current situation with containing the spread of disease is a microcosm of the greatest American problem: the refusal to do what is right.

As with most problems in the States, we know what to do and how to fix challenges. As our current political carnival is showing, we just don't do it.

What's happening in the States isn't magic. It's the consequence of decades of flat out refusing to the sensible and reasonable thing for the sake of a handful of rich white people and their tokens.

@Are0h yeah this is dead on. we almost always know what to do to fix what comes up, and "politics" is about trying to square that with what a bunch of rich white dudes want

@walruslifestyle This is all 'politics' really is. Negotiating with the worst people in our government who have perfected the talent of telling white people what they want to hear so they can remain in power, but doing nothing to actually help people.

The Southern Strategy has been by far the most successful political strategy in the US because it taps into a core belief of white people: that their whiteness will guarantee success if the protect.

Fuck the decades of history that say otherwise

@Are0h im not saying the EU is perfect (far from it *😒 Macron*)

but perhaps the easiest way to fix US politics would be to not just get rid of the current president, but of the office in general, which hopefully clamps down on the centralisation of power

anyway, i just got sidetracked in my head in the middle of writing this, because I'm once again thinking about what an absolute shithead Macron is

@meena Yeah, we're not too far apart on that, but what do marginalized people do in the meantime? What can we do so they don't pay the price for that kind of regime change?

I think a lot of people don't take into account the ramifications of radical action on the ground.

Which is why addressing the basic necessities of people is just a revolutionary actin in and of itself because that's usually not at the center of any of these types of discussion.

@Are0h yeah, i feel like what would happen is that the more privileged of the marginalized would move to the states which have better support systems.

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