Uhm, where did I, or anyone on my mod team claim to the 'oppressed?'

And prioritizing the safety of Black folks is racist now?

LOL, remember what I said about people making shit up about PV to STAY MAD at us because we don't center the sensibilities of white folks and their tokens?

Ha, everybody wants to be a progressive until it comes to the agency of Black folks.

Then they go Rush Limbaugh in a heart beat.

Ha, like... they are calling us racists because of how we advocate for Black folks.

Let that sink in.

They are demonizing us because we are diligent on defending our space and other people are learning from our example about how to spot bigoted behavior.

And that's SUCH A BAD THING, they are gonna just LEAVE THE WHOLE ENTIRE FEDI.

Not because of fascism. Not because of sexism or homophobia or transphobia.

But because of the advocacy of Black folks.

LOL, that's... deep...

I've said this before and I'll keep saying.

Not everyone that has all the progressive labels in their profiles are actually that.

Stay woke.

And now they throwing myasstodon under the bus while perpetuating more lies about why folks from there don't like us.

How are you going to deny being racist and continue to showcase racist behavior in the same breath??

LOL, this is a dumpster fire.

We have our issues with myasstodon no doubt, largely because they are generally an anti-black instance playing progressive and deflect our criticism with accusations of transphobia, racism, etc etc just like any privileged person would, but that's another tale for another day.

The main point here is that stuff like this flies because of the fedi general leanings to anti-blackness.

It doesn't matter that we generally keep to ourselves.

PV has to be the THE VILLAIN in this fiction.

It's not just a difference of our communities. It's not just us having a difference of opinion.

There is a need to foment hatred and loathing of PV for being a instance that cares about the agency of Black folks that even the most racist instance are not subjected too.

There is such a strong push to contextualize me and my lovely mod team as bad people b/c we don't put up with racist shit.

And that's just anti-blackness. It's just racism.

It sticks b/c a lot of people are quiet bigots

I'm not really the type to sing and dance to prove I'm a good person. The work I do speaks for itself. The people that interact with me in an honest and authentic way know what kind of person I am.

I've been accused of everything, but I generally don't feel the need to defend myself from lies. That's just how I roll.

The question one has to ask themselves is why.

Why is there such a strong effort to demonize a place that is protecting Black/Brown folks?

Ha, the answer isn't complicated.

@Are0h you and deni shouldnt be a part of this. i offered my consulting services, and I feel like she's clearly twisting my words on racial hierarchies around bc she wants to defend her friends.

and so i was painted as some violent terms and yuo and deni are catching the rest of the slack.

@ArtistMarciaX It's not your fault someone turns out to be a racist.

Ha, and you know I am not afraid of conflict.

@Are0h "sic PV on me" yeah the dehumanization and demonization there.... are not subtle 😬

@lj_writes @Are0h LIS SEN!

like we're dogs. when literally PV wasn't even in the CONVO. she brought up the instance when she should have just discussed my offering and left it at that

Yeah real interesting how she could have just said "I don't want to work with @ArtistMarciaX " and instead it became about PV for Reasons. Last I checked you had a life and work outside of PV? Like writings, art, and scholarship in addition to lived experience, on the basis of which you offered to help? Funny how all that got tossed by the wayside and you're just treated as a means to get at @Are0h & PV. πŸ€”

@lj_writes Basically yes. And while trying to protecting the NB-POC from my criticisms regarding colorism via their white passing friends, theyre talkin about Ro not apologizing for misgendering (he did) via anti black dog whistles & misgendering me the whole damn time.

@ArtistMarciaX Because that's who should be centered in anti-racist work, right, NBPOC & white-passing folks who are being fragile πŸ™„

@lj_writes i mean, its easy when they squat TL's and essentially steal ppl's shit.

Happened to me on birdland too. happens to a lot of ppl. which is why so many of the BW i know use patreon, bc they got tired of getting robbed

@ArtistMarciaX Happens a ton in academia too, with Black scholars going uncited and others taking credit for their ideas. People have stopped blogging, and won't say anything unpublished in conferences etc. because nonblack people won't grant them the most basic collegial & intellectual courtesy.

@Are0h Also, "gaslighting?" That word does not mean what she thinks it means...

@Are0h We're all supposed to be colorblind, donchaknow. /sarcasm

@Are0h "liberal idpol" kinda feels like a dogwhistle tbh

@Are0h I don't know who that is but reading the screenshot I felt that "I'm leaving fedi for good" sounds very good :D

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