I gotta say... the more the Dems try to shaft Bernie, the more I become a fan.

Ha, they really don't like dude... which most likely means he's a threat to some fucked up game they trying to keep in play.

@Are0h and from what i’ve seen on the birdsite, the man has some stone cold clapback game to deal with the desparate bs thrown at him, too. ‘mr sanders, the polls says X% of americans would feel unhappy if a socialist ran for president’ – ‘yeah, how about you look at what else the polls say. they say i’m winning things’

@Are0h He spoke at the Tacoma Dome, and I noticed that he was the enemy of Big College, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Health Insurers, Big Media, Private Prisons, etc. Since these represent the core of what the Dems serve, it's rational to view Trump as a better Democrat than Bernie.

Trump for four more years is a better Democrat solution than Bernie. The Dems' behavior is perfectly reasonable.

Exactly. It's not Bernie they hate. It's the people he's waking up.

@EverydayPeople One of the main things Obama did to terrify white people was to show that we don't need a majority of them to vote with us to win national elections. We just need a few of them to align and we win by wide margins.

White folks came out HARD for 🍊 and he still lost the popular vote.

If Bernie can tap into that, he'll win easily.

Which probably why they are fighting him on the nomination so hard.

Exactly. And he is. It's essentially a no contest right now. Bernie has the majority of support from PoC under 35 and has from the beginning of* his campaign. And now? He's gaining our elders trust.

Nina Turner, Cornel West, Barbara Smith... Powerful leaders in our community our throwing their support behind him.

@EverydayPeople Yeah, the young folks are excited about him like they were for Barack. No one else has their attention.

He's getting there. There's definitely a lot more positive chatter about him in the community than there was in '16.

We're talking about him in a way we weren't talking about anyone last time around.

And Bernie seems like he's ready for a fight, which is a direction no one else is trying to go.


I think he's more ready than ever. Bernie's been fighting forever. I tell people he's been fighting for all aspects of me since before I was born. However, he was naive in 2016. He thought the system would allow him to change it from within, and he hadn't created contingency plans when they inevitably didn't.

This time he has his own systems of direct communication and a much clearer and succinct message for the people that aren't already radically left.

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