Oh, so some bigot told someone to go to PV if they have a problem with sympathizing with bigots?

Ha, this is good for two reasons.

1. I'm in their heads, rent free.

2. They are acknowledging they don't want an inclusive fedi, validating yet again that though many people say they want a diverse fedi, they're are just doing it for the clout.

What we're doing together is making bigots afraid, so they are circling the wagons.

Which, ironically, makes what we're doing easier.

Keep pushing.

Yo, I _enjoy_ being the bane of bigots. I like that my name and my instance are curses on the lips of hateful bad actors.

There is no stronger endorsement of how effective PV has become in dealing with bigots when they are literally *recommending* my instance out of contempt b/c they are tired of people picking up on their casual hate and bigotry.

The passive aggressive way people refer to PV because of our stance on dealing with hate is great marketing for us.

@Are0h Is this a subtoot? I'm not sure if you're referring to the conversation I had with emsenn and rhys or something else.

@puffinus_puffinus Are you telling people to go to PV if they complain about an actor associating with a known bad actor?

@Are0h No. I never said that. In my eyes, people have taken what I said here and re-interpreted it in ways I do not support. I'm open to criticism though.

@Are0h it ain’t the first time somebody said “Just go to PV” ☕️

@denikombucha LOL, I'm definitely paying attention to where all this goes. Trust.

@Are0h @ArtistMarciaX anti Blackness is the most acceptable form of bigotry even in PoC communities ☕️

@denikombucha @ArtistMarciaX It does seem to be the go to move for folks that want... acceptance.

Ha, but that's for another day.

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