It's funny now PV's stance of being an inclusive space for Black folks in addition to everyone else is such a point of 'controversy' in the fedi.

It would actually take less effort to make well moderated, safe and diverse spaces then constantly trying to convince one's self that anti-blackness is not a major motivation to keep Black folks off the fedi.

We virtually do the same thing other instances do, w/ the exception of actually dealing w/ racism.

Ha and this basic point INFURIATES people

It's been made abundantly clear that there are actors that *specifically* go after Black folks and people that advocate for Black folks on the fedi to make environments toxic for us. This is simply fact.

PV just makes it a point to deal with them in such a way that it minimizes the harm they can level against us. A lot of folks that clamor about 'diversity and inclusion' call this hostile and even exclusionary.

Ha, but they are just telling on themselves.


And you'll notice that while PV is a Black led instance that keeps our particular cultural and social perspectives in mind, it does not equate to alienating other social groups.

I'd challenge anyone to find a community that is as accommodating and welcoming, and not just tolerant of diversity and inclusion.

You cannot say the same about white led instances. They are antagonistic to everything not white.

We're antagonistic to bigots.

Pay attention to who can't/won't make that distinction.

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