Just finished The Fifth Season and... fuck.

*goes to increase Patreon donation for N.K. Jemisin*

The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin BIG SPOILERS 

@Are0h I KNOW, RIGHT???!?

I'm here writing against the 2010 bar, and she went and jacked it up another yard. :flan_piteous:

@mwlucas It's disheartening and inspiring at the same damn time.

I need to hurry up and get through my tasks for the day so I can jump into the next one.

@Are0h I know exactly how she did it. She put her own heart on the page. All of it.

So easy to say. So hard to accomplish.

@Are0h I don't have the words how how good that book was, or how much of an impression it left.

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