So I was curious about this Extinction Rebellion after I saw @Shrigglepuss mention them and the first thing that jumps out at me is how white folks are always trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to putting us on what they feel is the right path.

I mean... it's not exactly rocket science why we got to this point, but there is just this frantic pitch to solving global problems as if they haven't been solved many times over.

White folks just don't want to listen.


And it's always interesting how they refer to the entirety of HUMANITY as if they familiar with any other system of thought outside of whiteness.

White people are the minority globally, but have cut a swathe through various cultures with brutal violence and theft, which still defines that culture to this day.

In my estimation, I would say they have no idea what humanity really is or is like.

White people want us to believe HUMANITY itself is the problem, which is just a fucked up lie.

If it was the nature of humanity to kill itself, we'd have been wiped out a long time ago.

But it seems like white people seem to believe that the incredible breadth of humankind behaves, thinks and acts just like them, which is just arrogant hubris.

Most cultures in the world aren't dedicated to their own destruction like whiteness is and it is straight up delusional to even consider this a reasonable point of view.

Humanity will find a way to move on while whiteness eats itself.

Honestly, it seems like white folks would rather the world end than deal with the stupidity of adhering to culture that results in their death.

They'd rather have the APOCALYPSE (which they've visited upon so many cultures historically already, but that's another post) than just exercise some self reflection in the most basic sense.

We know what we gotta do to make the world a better place. It's not an esoteric solution.

White people are just violently against progress.

@Are0h "humanity needs to evolve" is such a useless phrase and thinly painted over "as a popular white person that's clearly evolved above the rest of yous, I know best"

@Are0h like, what right did she have to speak for/instruct the whole of humanity? The ego on that.

@Shrigglepuss Whatever it takes to avoid the core of a various obvious problem: white folks would rather be dead than collaborate for their own survival.

@dibi58 Oh look, another white dude rhapsodizing about the end of the world.



nah, the world will be just fine, some humans may not, some may end up eating each other ...


hear you, a 3% de-growth a year would fix the problem of decreased net energy output and hardly nobody would even notice

but we can not go that way because of privilege of fantasy hands and friends ...

so mote it be ...

@dibi58 Exactly. There solutions to virtually every issue folks are frantic about, so that's not really the problem.

The problem has always been the enabling of complete non-sense that obfuscates the issue to such a degree, it's believed to be UNSOLVABLE.

We've been in this cycle of crisis and fear for so long, we believe it to be real.

@Are0h Internalized guilt, perhaps.

Also why so many white folks are afraid of people of color: guilt, and the resulting fear of being treated in the same way.

@Are0h my thought for a while has been that humanity is going to survive the climate crisis, but our lives a thousand years from now will be more like they were ten thousand years ago than they are now.

@Are0h Related is Extinction Rebellion's extremely misguided and dangerous "tactic" of literally wanting to be arrested and that the police will magically come over to their side!

They don't seem to have the slightest understanding of the police, the capitalist state or imperialism in any sort of historical context. Most of them don't seem to care that this tactic could get POC members murdered in custody.

XR is shit in many ways. And you're right, they don't want to listen and reconsider.

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