Even with all the bullshit that comes with being on the fedi, I still think it's cool that we've created another means to connect with like minded people.

It's true some folks have some not so great agendas when they get involved, but that's not stopping real connections from being made and finding solutions none of us have considered before.

It's such a terrifying and fantastic time right now to be on the web.

Hard, fundamental questions are being asked and we're making progress.


I think we're all learning there are narratives that have been fed to us to keep us apart. There's a reason why places like FB, Twitter, etc have taken a sharp right turn. There is significant interest in keeping reason to hate and dislike front and center.

The fediverse provides a real opportunity for us to circumvent being spoon fed propaganda that does not serve our interests.

Some people will embrace it and some won't, but the possibilities are infinitely compelling.

I can't adequately express how much I enjoy having messy and complicated discussions.

Discussions where we're both a bit outside of our comfort zones and trying to not fall back into the vortex of our own subjectivity and biases.

I love it when we *try*. That's the whole thing for me.

There has never been a space that let me stretch into uncomfortable places that held the key to real understanding.

Being on the fedi allowed me to create it.

That is a significant shift in social media.

Yeah, the old biases and isms are still at play and it's a drag having to deal with that, but we're figuring out how to work together to minimize that as well.

What is becoming clearer inch by inch is that the fedi's desire to be a healthy and sustainable place is stronger than those that want to keep us trapped in those same cycles of distrust, hate and anxiety.

That simply has not been possible on any other platform.

We're figuring it out together b/c we want to.

That's cool, man.

@Are0h "We're figuring it out together b/c we want to."

This is a line that feels very powerful to me in some way that I can't pinpoint.

We're doing this because we WANT to, all of us, *together*

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