Well, it's PV's plan to migrate away from Mastodon anyway, so it's whatever.

Ha, yes, I'll give you more details when they're ready to be shared.

Let's just say the fediverse needs more options than projects by ineffectual white folks that care more about numbers than stability and safety.

@Are0h that's cool, are you thinking of migrating to something like #Florence or #Parastat, or maybe something new?

@sean Definitely something new.

There are blind spots that keep getting repeated, which leads to the same issues being replicated for communities that are vulnerable to harassment.

There needs to be a fundamental shift on how these projects are built from the ground up.

@Are0h I have a lot of respect for that position. I'm curious as to what would need to be addressed specifically from the very beginning.

@sean In the conversations I've had and looking at the trajectory of various codebases for fediverse platforms, there seems to be specific resistance to creating effective safety options because the people that control them refuse to adequately address the concerns of people who do not look like them.

There seems to be this desperation for usership and forced communication, even if that communication is toxic.

That needs to change.

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