I've been neglecting my Patreon as I've been getting everything in place.

I haven't forgot about you all. Thanks for your patience. I'm gonna pick that back up soon.

I want to make maintaining, building and making content for PV my living. I want to work on PV stuff everyday.

Which means I need to push my Patreon more or make a subscription mechanism specifically for PV.

I need to decide what direction I want to go in to accomplish that sooner rather than later.

@Are0h As always, man's here if you need a helping hand or two.

@theauracle I need to tighten up a couple of things, but I'm definitely gonna be reaching out, my man.

The fedi about to get a lot more melinated this year.

@Are0h Indeed. This decade - never mind this year - is all about battening down the hatches.

@theauracle It's just time, my dude.

It's just time for our own shit from top to bottom.

@Are0h Agreed. Although, I'd say that it's always that time.

@Are0h If you need coding support, let me know.

I'm also pretty sure #ZincCoop can donate an unlimited use license for #Compensated to PlayVicious which can be used to streamline the "Take money => get benefit" process without locking you into a particular payments vendor.

@zee I appreciate that offer. I'm definitely going to need it.

Hm, I'll take a look.

@Are0h It's very early alpha so ... uhhh... raise every concern or complaint you feel comfortable and I'll do my best to fix them!

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