Complaining about 'cancel culture' is just silly.

If you've done wrong, do better. If you've been misunderstood, be honest about who you are and people will see that eventually.

I've been accused of being a transhobe, a sexist, an islamaphobe and even not really Black.

Plenty of people have attempted to 'cancel' me, but my character always wins out because I'm consistent about my intentions, so you see it over time.

I think a lot of folks just want the benefit of the doubt with no effort.

As far as I can tell, people complaining about being 'cancelled' are really having conversations about privilege and entitlement. They are really conversations about unearned respect and the sheer effort it takes to build an authentic community.

There's a saying in the circles I flow in that goes ANYBODY CAN GET IT. That means no one is above getting taken to task. No one is above critique.

If you're really about community, you love the honesty. If you're not, you bitch and moan about it.


And as the saying goes, the streets are always watching.

The people you are trying to reach are going to pay attention to how you move, interact and deal with situations.

It doesn't matter how well you code, or how many conferences you go to or how well produced your podcast is.

You can't fake authenticity. Eventually that mask gives way to show what you really are.

That's why I like what folks call 'cancel culture'.

It's showing what people are made of and how committed they really are.

Personally, it seems like all the folks who complain about being 'cancelled', believe they should be given the benefit of the doubt for some unclear reason.

In fact, in most cases I would say those people have shown some inconsistencies in what they say versus what they do, and refuse to address them in an authentic and honest way.

And people know when you're bullshitting. That's what gets you cancelled. People know your full of shit.

It's not the culture's fault your fake, homie.

Everyone has a turn. Even me. There are moments when my mod team comes for me because of misstep I've made. Ha, no one is safe.

But I don't stay in the dog house because I deal with it. I listen, I think, I talk, I open up, I apologize where I'm wrong and I just do better.

No one is cancel proof, but being an honest person capable of self reflection and allowing yourself to be open to criticism is a great inoculation.

Complaining about the culture is just showing you're not ready to be real.

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