So PeerTube has become a haven for racist and neo nazis.


I've said this before and I'll say it again. Running PV for the last couple of years has made it very clear to me that the proliferation of harassment and abuse on the fedi is largely because creators of software refuse to deal with it.

Not because it's hard or challenging. They just refuse to try.

Whether it's because they are sympathetic or lazy or don't want to harm their friends is irrelevant.

These decisions always result in repeating cycles of harm against vulnerable communities.

The expectation is that we have to be 'patient' because the task is 'hard' and 'difficult', meanwhile toxic bigots are finding footholds on the platforms that *talk* about doing something, but it's just PR.

There's the belief that vulnerable communities having to deal with platforms housing bigots is just 'part of the process' and we have to 'just deal.'

But that's pure bullshit. These places have no intention of being better. They just want numbers.

And fuck who gets harmed in the process.


If you're building software/platforms that do not include robust tools that one can use to effectively protect themselves from harassment, you're making the problem worse.

If you're not coming down hard on toxic and often violent bigoted behavior, you're contributing to the problem.

PV is proof positive that we don't have to deal with any of this non-sense if we just *try*.

If you have a bigot problem in your community, it's because you want it there.


@Are0h See also Plemora. The fact that the majority of their userbase is Nazis is not a coincidence in the least.

@IceWolf @denikombucha @Are0h @Lexi Plemora literally has a feature that lets them ignore blocks. It serves no purpose other than to stalk and harass, but the Plemora devs have repeatedly defended their actions, doubling down time and time again despite the mountain of evidence disproving them.

@IceWolf @denikombucha @Are0h @Lexi So yes, software matters because it's ultimately a reflection on the ideology of the devs themselves. And in the case of Plemora, their software shows that they're Nazis or at least Nazi sympathizers.

@KitsuneAlicia @denikombucha @Are0h @Lexi You're talking about Pleroma, right? I'd heard a rumor about that being a thing, but I don't know how true it is... I also know one of the servers I'm on is blocking a different server because it's modified to ignore blocks, so that implies Pleroma does not have this. Do you know where it would be in the settings?

And I happen to know for a fact they have much better moderation tools than Mastodon.

@KitsuneAlicia @denikombucha @Are0h @Lexi Is this hypothetical feature something normal users have access to? Because I have an alt account on a Pleroma instance... where would it be in the settings?

@IceWolf It's in the admin panel, and it's technically opt-in, but it's server-wide, so while normal users don't have the access to changing it, they can still use it all the same.

That opt-in nature may be what you're referring to with the "modification", or it could be that they modified some other client like Mastodon.

@IceWolf It's also not hypothetical in the least. Here's a conversation I had with lain, one of the main Plemora devs on the matter. Even Eugen jumped in at one point.

@KitsuneAlicia Okay, huh. That is...good to know.

Although it only means they have a different belief of how things should work – maybe a wrong belief – but that does /not/ somehow make them Nazis or "Nazi sympathizers".

@KitsuneAlicia In particular, they don't seem to be doing it in bad faith. Iain makes the argument that if you know you're blocked, you can just make accounts elsewhere and ping the person again – which may be the wrong thing to worry about, I'm not saying she's right in doing this, but she doesn't seem to be intentionally trying to harass people.

We can have differences of opinion and belief without one side being EVIL!. One side can even be /objectively wrong/ without being EVIL!.

@IceWolf It's clear you didn't actually read the conversation, since otherwise you wouldn't be arguing in favor of removing control away from the user like this.

And frankly, it doesn't matter to me whether you read it or not anymore. Your choice to remain ignorant has proven to be a danger to me and those around me, so goodbye.

Where do y'all get this data from? Like this won't be true once Moodle fully converts its new platform to use Pleroma? (

Where do y'all get this data from? Like this won't be true once Moodle fully converts its new platform to use Pleroma? (


I thought Moodle had forked the Pleroma code. Does that make them part of the Pleroma statistics? Should be a pretty different network with very little overlap.

@bhaugen AFAICS, the core bits are still there, it's like the nextCloud/ownCloud split

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