I don't know, homie. I just think it's funny how folks can suspend disbelief about dragons, extraterrestrial life, zombies, etc, but the part they can't accept is Black/Brown in space being full ass whole characters. Folks can't accept sci fi sagas being told from the perspective of a woman.

It's hilarious the most common concepts and ideas that relate to one's humanity is what bigots reject.

I can't stop laughing.

If 'good sci fi' means sticking to outdated and often racist/sexist western ideals that deify a masculinity that simply doesn't exist and denigrate women as 'weak' and require saving, you're not really a fan of sci fi.

You're just a bigot. You don't care about story, narrative, plot, etc.

You just want a version of you that doesn't exist to be validated.

Review bombing a flick isn't going to change that fact.

@Are0h Can I ask what, specifically, this is in response to? Sorry if it's a bother.
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