@Are0h i’ll fucking say!

and man, it’s sad that it is a delight to see a good read of star wars. i think i’m still reeling from that one time where a dude was like, luke spared vader in rotj from a position of having beaten him, having asserted himself as superior. like, jfc, did these people actually watch the films? are their minds so rotted out by watching pick-up artists, dawkins, and peterson that that’s their only framework?

@gekitsu I think it is, man. They have whole hardheartedly accepted this impossible to attain framework of what they think manhood is and they have projected it onto characters that are *very* clearly being shown to be flawed people in a fundamental sense.

Of course Vader had to go. He was a horrible person that had committed every war crime imaginable. The Force decided it was time for Vader to go, not Luke.

But you know how it goes. People see what they want, not what is.

@Are0h yup. no matter how on the nose that scene actually is with vader’s mechanical weezing, fucking palpatine egging luke on to kill vader, and luke’s own hand starting to make audible mechanical noises all of a sudden, if that’s their hammer, every nail is going to assert dominance.

@gekitsu Ha, it is a bit cheesy, but the impact of it was clear. You can't keep doing the same thing and affect a different result.

It took so many tragedies to get Luke to realize his attitude was a core problem, but it clicked in that moment when he threw away his saber.

That was the moment he became the greatest Jedi ever despite his lack of training. He realized what was important and was willing to die for it.

@Are0h right? it’s so clearly told. and it’s not just a silent realisation either. he throws away his weapon and tells the guy about to kill him that he can go shit in his hat, no more walking down that path.
it’s appropriately cheesy, but heck, it’s good story.

that they managed to come up with compelling stories around those established centrepieces, both with how much you need to grind down a person to make yourself a vader, and with how do you, untrained lucky noob who just ran out of teachers, go on from your victory, and what does it mean for future obi-wans and vaders, is no small feat, i think.

it’s easy to dismiss because we didn’t see them at the age we saw the original trilogy, and plenty in the new films is clunky. (but so is plenty in the OT) but where it all clicks together, it’s good stuff.

@gekitsu Yeah, true. There are some definite challenges because of the skill of the filmmakers, especially with I, II and III but the story is consistent in how it expresses the fallacies of clinging to ideologies rather than focusing on what was important.

It did so in absolutely brutal terms, but it kept forcing the point home about religion and how light and dark are irrelevant if either don't allow you to *change.*

@Are0h all i’m gonna say is: man, that podcast would be good.

@gekitsu I hope so. I think I"m gonna gun for not boring just to start.

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