Freddie Prince Jr. nailed when he said most of the CONTROVERSY around the new Star Wars flicks is because dudes are mad Han gave the Millennium Falcon to a girl.

The new Star Wars flicks are quality films that fit the trajectory of the series. Virtually all of the 'critique' saying they are not centers around white dudes feeling they are not white dude'ing enough.

But if one watched the actual films, it was *never* about centering white dudes.

You're just a sexist piece of shit, homie.

Let's talk about it though.

Anakin was traumatized by the death of his mother and he never got the help he desperately needed.

Solo's hubris and thirst to prove he could it all himself almost got him killed if it wasn't for, yup, a woman and a Black dude coming to save his ass.

Luke had to go through tragedy and losing a fucking hand before it broke through is delusions of grandeur so he could be of some actual use.

It wasn't about a white guy saving anything. The opposite actually.

The beauty of Star Wars is that once everyone got out of their own way, which is what the Force intended, Balance was attained again.

A big part of the original trilogy are the primary characters fighting the very thing the all needed to do to get the place where the wanted to personally.

And that is community, which the Force is a metaphor of.

It's not about surrendering to some ALL POWER MAGICAL POWERZ.

It's just realizing we are better together. Flaws and all.


I just kind of laugh when I see bigots review bomb Star Wars flicks because they are showing it's not really about the material, which has been consistent, even in light of the awfulness what was Episodes I, II, III. They just wan to see some shit that validates their view of the world.

And Star Wars has never been about that. It's never been about one person, much less one white dude.

It's always been a story about Balance and the lack their of.

re: irrelevant to any part of the thread except for the last sentence, not a massive star wars fan so excuse any bad takes 

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