Freddie Prince Jr. nailed when he said most of the CONTROVERSY around the new Star Wars flicks is because dudes are mad Han gave the Millennium Falcon to a girl.

The new Star Wars flicks are quality films that fit the trajectory of the series. Virtually all of the 'critique' saying they are not centers around white dudes feeling they are not white dude'ing enough.

But if one watched the actual films, it was *never* about centering white dudes.

You're just a sexist piece of shit, homie.

Let's talk about it though.

Anakin was traumatized by the death of his mother and he never got the help he desperately needed.

Solo's hubris and thirst to prove he could it all himself almost got him killed if it wasn't for, yup, a woman and a Black dude coming to save his ass.

Luke had to go through tragedy and losing a fucking hand before it broke through is delusions of grandeur so he could be of some actual use.

It wasn't about a white guy saving anything. The opposite actually.


The beauty of Star Wars is that once everyone got out of their own way, which is what the Force intended, Balance was attained again.

A big part of the original trilogy are the primary characters fighting the very thing the all needed to do to get the place where the wanted to personally.

And that is community, which the Force is a metaphor of.

It's not about surrendering to some ALL POWER MAGICAL POWERZ.

It's just realizing we are better together. Flaws and all.

I just kind of laugh when I see bigots review bomb Star Wars flicks because they are showing it's not really about the material, which has been consistent, even in light of the awfulness what was Episodes I, II, III. They just wan to see some shit that validates their view of the world.

And Star Wars has never been about that. It's never been about one person, much less one white dude.

It's always been a story about Balance and the lack their of.

re: irrelevant to any part of the thread except for the last sentence, not a massive star wars fan so excuse any bad takes 

@Are0h this is a great thread! I think your point is especially apparent with Luke and his delusions of grandeur you mentioned. In the sequels his personal failure shattered him so badly that he isolated himself from everyone else and cut himself off from the force (again pointing to the force being community) and it sent things into a flux until he got over himself a second time and gave himself back to community to help when they needed him, which resulted in his becoming one with the Force.

@tarzanboy I *love*what they did with Luke in the new movies because it showed him as a whole person and how crushed we was that he perceived that he failed, which is ironic because he ultimately lead to the demise of the Jedi which was what was needed.

The Jedi aren't the arbitrators of the Force. They are supposed to be practitioners to maintain balance and they lost that a long time ago.

That's why Yoda gleefully set the texts on fire. He knew it was time to move on.


Also, what do you think about the other force practitioners out there like the Whills guys Baze and Chirrut? Where do they fit in?

@tarzanboy Well, I think the Force chooses what it chooses. Anyone can be a positive member of the community, whether the have special secret training or not. One could argue it was the rigidity of the Jedi and their refusal to let a young boy get what he needed to deal with the lost of his mother is the very thing that created Vader, a genocidal war criminal.

Their understanding of the Force might be crude, but they are far more valuable to maintaining balance than any Jedi has been.

@Are0h so far you've been nothing but right today. I have to wonder how just how many things this idea of the Force can apply to. And if it is about being stronger together I think the Dark Side and the empire then is literally the dark side of that.

@tarzanboy The Sith were focused on the martial side of the Force, which is quite potent when one gets the hang of it, but it also limits how much one can affect Balance because it skews to done side of it. It's weird, but it actually makes one weaker over time, which is why the Empire could never really stamp out rebellion. It was working against itself.

The Jedi where on the flip side so they were viewed as LIGHT, but their rigidity also made them lose touch with what mattered.

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