Al Harrington is a former NBA player that's gotten into the cannabis industry because of all of the medical benefits, which is saying something because he was a really good player, so his body was pretty beat up.

This story about how he helped his grandma that put him over the top is powerful.

It's interesting how the War on Drugs that specifically targeted Black folks gave marijuana such a negative context despite it's many benefits.

It also stands out that the two white white guys, David Jacoby and David Stern both have questions based on that negative context, with Jacoby asking if Harrington every played high and Stern 'jokingly' asking if he's going to be arrested.

It's these kind of microaggressions that perpetuate the myths around marijuana and additionally reinforce the negative context of Black folks specifically using it.

Al's classy, so he just kept it moving, but I can't help but notice how they both engage.


We all know the War on Drugs was a targeted racist policy. This is simply fact.

What's interesting to me is how we, white folks especially, still carry those biased connotations with them to this day, even as we allegedly shift to a more weed friendly society.

The Al Harrington story is just one example of how he's really doing some good for a lot of people, but white folks still desperately cling to their biased beliefs in some way.

They can't just let it go.

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