A cool social justice × media-making conference coming up: the Allied Media Conference, June 25-28, Detroit alliedmedia.org/amc

You can check out programs from previous years to get a feel for it: alliedmedia.org/amc/previous-y

#AlliedMediaConference #AMC2020 #detroit 🐘

I think a Mastodon workshop, led by ppl from POC-focused instances, would be a perfect fit.

- part 1: what it is, how to join
- part 2: how to start your own instance, how to contribute to development

Don't know if I'll be able to actually go, but would be happy to help develop/submit/fundraise. Haven't gone in several years, but I've previously organized sessions & a programming track.

Thinking particularly of @Are0h @OfficialAdmin @darius

#AlliedMediaConference #AMC2020

@nev @OfficialAdmin @darius I'm not really a conference person, but this is definitely something that would be useful.

Although I will say it feels like our fediverse efforts need to expand past Masto and Plemora.

We just need more than either of those projects are willing to give.

@Are0h @OfficialAdmin @darius absolutely! could touch on ActivityPub/indieweb/ISPs/the revolution etc.

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