Ha, so a friend of mine from a couple years ago I had a falling out with over one of the worst client experiences I've ever had hit me up again trying to get some work done.

Now the thing is, her project is in shambles because she didn't want to listen to the advice I was giving her, but she wants to hold onto the idea it was my fault, even though I literally sent her the emails where I tell her that her ideas wouldn't work.

Ha, and she's still trying to under pay me.

Ha, nah fam.

The funny part is that she keeps coming back because she can't find anyone else to do what she needs, and I know she's been looking because there are always long stretches between when she reaches out.

She fancies herself a business person so she wants to make a deal, but I tried that a few times and it led to some serious stress of trying to cobble together something decent from her persistently bad ideas.

So now it's either you pay my rate upfront or you don't.

Ha, she doesn't like that.

@Are0h lol she wants to underpay you to ignore what you say?


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