One thing I've learned about working out and fitness is to not focus much on weight but how you feel.

Fit bodies come in all shapes and sizes and will take the form they need to take when you're committed to working out.

I'm getting more into the habit of not even checking my weight anymore and I find myself having better workouts when I just focus on what I'm supposed to be doing.

It's interesting how that works.

@Are0h the most recent issue of Yoga is Dead (podcast about yoga and whiteness and cultural appropriation by two Indian-American yoga teachers) is called "Vegans killed yoga" but it's really a lot more about the "wellness culture" and body stuff... super good. I found it very encouraging for my own journey.


@platypus I'll have to check it out.

And yeah, I generally stay away from the wellness industry cause it feels like people trying to emulate what are being fed what healthy is rather than going on that journey to figure it out themselves.

Figuring out what's good for you isn't always pretty, despite how it's presented and buffed.

@Are0h @platypus (Seconding the recommendation for that podcast. It's quite good.)

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