Ha, most dudes think I'm a traitor to MASCULINITY or whatever, but the fact of the matter is a lot of y'all just hate women. That is clearly your motivation for interacting with women on here.

You can call me all the names you want. You're still just a sexist piece of shit.

And there will never be a moment when I won't talk about the obviousness of it.

@Are0h how did you build your image of masculinity?

(… asking as someone who hadn't had many positive masculine role models, and, eventually, excited masculinity altogether.)

@meena Honestly? I just did the opposite of the men that were close to me growing up.

To be fair not all of them were bad people, but every dude raised in a Western culture is a sexist to some extent. The ones that acknowledged and worked on it were generally ostracized by other men, so I didn't have many opportunities to get knowledge from them.

So, I just started doing the opposite because I didn't want to end up like them.

@Are0h Preach.

Reminds me of how the bearded person on the train who's knitting comes off as more secure in their masculinity than any "bro" that I've encountered.

@jaycie EXACTLY.

A lot of these dudes are just performing what they think a man is for their friends, who usually don't know shit either and mimic it.

And they just simply refuse to let go of that hate because they base their identity around that.

@Are0h My kingdom for a shonen protagonist who crochets between action scenes, who dismisses weird reactions to that, and whose allies start picking up the practice.

@jaycie If it wasn't for the violence, I would feel bad for dudes that feel the need to define a core trait so narrowly. From what I see their anger comes from feeling like they are stifled because they don't fit this archaic mold of what a man is but don't have the courage to actually try something else.

So they take it out on everyone around them.

@Are0h traitor to masculinity? wtheck? can an accusation sound more insecure? O_o

@gekitsu I mean... people dig deep to justify their nonsense.

The funny part is that it's just easier to not be garbage.

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