Soooooo "Boomers" is the new term we're using to avoid calling old white people, old white people?

Well, ok then.

@Are0h The funny part is: anyone who calls a Boomer a Boomer is a "snowflake" but Boomers are moving to have that language kerbed because it allegedly discriminates against them because of their age.

@Are0h Like... they can understand how words impact people via the context in which they're used and how boundaries work... but insist on going via Suplex City to die on the hill regarding white folks saying nigga/nigger.

@theauracle White folks *absolutely* understand what they are doing. This idea that they are just ignorant is absurd because ignorance doesn't breed that level of violent hate.

The point is to cause harm. They just want to do it without consequence.

@johnpierremaeli @Are0h
Yeah some people on here have expanded the meaning but most of society isnt as race and or class conscious when they use the term.
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