There will never be a point where I will be nice to bigots.

As long as they enable harm and entertain the most ignorant and absurd biases against me and people like me, there's just nothing to talk about.

I don't care they dress up there words, bend over backwards to appear nice or blather about finding 'common ground'

As long as one is friendly with ideologies and people that think it's ok to harm people like me, fuck common ground.

If that makes me the bad guy, then so be it.

@Are0h is there even one bigot who has ever been in a convo with you and just went "whoa actually I'm out of order here and I better fix it"? or like nah and every single person just doubles down? cause honestly I see a lot of "pls correct me POC if I'm wrong!" in bios/pinned and then they always have an excuse for why this particular situation isn't subject to correction.


@alice Ha of course not. Because then they wouldn't be bigots.

@Are0h ah, true man. you can never "meet in the middle" with an unjust person. they are by their nature unjust, and would just as soon take a step back as you compromise your existence by stepping forward.

@alice Exactly. The have no intention of being better, just want labor on our part to make the feel better about choosing to be a piece of shit.

@Are0h you do all the labor, build up all the systems of white comfort, so then we can recline and forget you exist. until it's time to get more comfort of course. and then it's "oh well technically here in the 13th amendment it doesn't rule out the slave labor for prisons so...chop chop" And I know I'm conflating whites wanting to use your emotional labor and prison slave labor but I feel they come from the same place. Slavery is abolished! Except that it's not. Unpaid black emotional labor is about *meeting in the middle* except that it's not.

@alice It usually comes down to the labor they're not willing to do and putting energy into making us feel bad because we won't do it for them rather than just not being shitty people.

It's always something else stopping them from being garbage people. The never want to acknowledge their role.

@Are0h sorry I just took that as a given. because whiteness and bigots. isn't it cool how there's seemingly unlimited labor for making poc feel bad but suddenly a drought when it comes to fixing their shit?

@alice Ha, that's a pretty succinct description of American history, I'd say.

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