There will never be a point where I will be nice to bigots.

As long as they enable harm and entertain the most ignorant and absurd biases against me and people like me, there's just nothing to talk about.

I don't care they dress up there words, bend over backwards to appear nice or blather about finding 'common ground'

As long as one is friendly with ideologies and people that think it's ok to harm people like me, fuck common ground.

If that makes me the bad guy, then so be it.


I am very comfortable with people not liking me because I won't adopt a fucked up moral compass that insists vulnerable communities do the lion share of labor in the hopes that bigots may act like decent people if we try hard enough.

That's not how interactions with me work. I'm not absorbing some random person's bullshit in the hopes we find a point we can relate.

Not being a dickhead isn't that hard. If we can't meet at the very low bar, then I don't give a shit what one has to say.

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