Thinking about it, I'm not opposed to reconciling with anyone or an instance.

But here's the thing. You gotta be real about what took place. And a lot of people on here just aren't.

I don't block instances for differences of opinion. You can believe whatever you want. I block instances because they *enable harm*.

And if I'm telling you certain behaviors invite shitty people to come at us, stop doing it. Period.

But a lot of folks don't want to be honest about how complicit they are.

We all make mistakes and that's fine, but what I look for is patterns of behavior. If you have a certain pattern that you've been made aware of and don't make any effort to address it, it's intentional.

As far as PV goes, this has to be acknowledged in an authentic way and work must be done to have a chance an building something positive with an instance that has enabled shitty behavior.

And no instance that we've blocked has made a genuine effort to make amends. None.

So when I see known bigot say 'oh if they come to me, we can talk it out' I kinda just laugh because 1. we don't need you, 2. we don't need you and 3. they started the shit in the first place, so it's not on us to make them feel better about being dickheads so they can RECONCILE with us.

From PV's perspective, it's all a shell game played by people who want the benefit of having POCs on the marketing material, but don't care about our actual perspectives.

Ha, and we know what that is.

PV is not here to make temperamental white people feel better about their shallow commitment to make safe spaces for POCs.

PV is not here to coddle white insufferableness in the hopes they may come around and be marginally decent people.

We are more than open to building bridges with anyone that wants to build positive communities, but that does not include satiating the white gaze and it's need to exercise bigotry with no consequence.

Respect and safety is non-negotiable at PV.

@Are0h So much this.

I've seen so many white people who actively ignore half the stuff I'm saying -- particularly the half that tells them why what they're doing is harmful. The worst part is that many of them are parts of other marginalized groups themselves.

But again: They're all white. Never had this issue with a PoC.

I can't say I'm perfect, but if I should ever do this myself, I hope to hell that someone like you or my girlfriends would be there to slap me out of it.

@KitsuneAlicia I think a lot of people really underestimate how much white people are motivated by causing harm to POC communities. Despite all the evidence that shows this, there is the inherent disbelief to the idea that is the *main* motivation for folks that id as white.

We're going on years now and were seeing consistent patterns of behavior coming from specific groups of people.

And like you said, they are mostly white and go after POCs.

That math isn't hard on this one.

@Are0h "If you have a certain pattern that you've been made aware of and don't make any effort to address it, it's intentional."

this is a very powerful statement and a truthful one, thank you. I don't know much about the context of the thread, but I agree with general idea very much

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