I was in Oakland this weekend and walked by a few theaters that were showing The Joker and it was just lines of young white dudes.

Never believe they don't know what they are doing. They are literally cashing in on all of the white angst fomented by 🍊 and his ilk.

Todd Phillips knew exactly what he was doing when he framed criticism of his flick as 'leftist'.

But watch how they will feign ignorance when another white guy shoots up a place.

The Joker is just another example of how media companies enables the completely made up and and/or self inflicted torments of white men as if it there is some deep, esoteric reason for their current condition.

Meanwhile, no such deference is given to any other social group in America that has actually experienced real oppression and societal rejection.

The Joker gives white men another pat on the back and tells them their violence and resistance to reason is OK.

Because... life is hard.

After the hype non-white, non-straight movies and shows have been getting (Killing Eve, Pose, Black Panther, Moonlight, Crazy Rich Asians etc) over the last few years I would not be surprised if The Joker won an Oscar. Nah, I'm serious.

There is *always* a white backlash to the success of films that don't center the white gaze. ALWAYS. That's what America is.

It doesn't matter it always leaves us worse off then when we started. A big part of white identity is just to cause undue suffering.


It reminds me of Breaking Bad after The Wire.

Technically, there is no question The Wire is the superior offering in every way imaginable, but Breaking Bad spoke *specifically* to angst white men have about not getting what they they think they are entitled to.

Ergo, Cranston's character was elevated to some anti-hero and Breaking Bad was lauded as one of the greatest shows ever.

Ha, neither of which are true. White guys just could "relate" to it.

That formula works... as The Joker shows.

@Are0h I never understood the hype over breaking bad — i felt it was mostly melodramatically boring — but this may be it..

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