Interesting how Italy is swinging left again after realizing these alt-right fools are completely incompetent.

Ha, I just kinda gotta laugh in relation to what is happening in the States and the UK.

Boris Johnson is completely incompetent. 🍊 as absolutely no idea what he is doing.

It's wild how much leeway racist white men get despite proving to they cannot do the job the profess they can do.

Meanwhile, white folks express disbelief when I tell them I design and code.

You just gotta laugh

@Are0h and in the UK, our hopes rest on an election that will put *another* old white man in power.

Just one day without this shit would be nice.

@BrokenBiscuit People don't learn. That's why western societies keep going in circles while a handful of people benefit.

For example, white people are getting decimated by opiods and they can't get treatment because their parents voted for harsh drug laws pushed from the last conservative they elected.

And yet they elect another conservative that is literally trying to dismantle healthcare, the exact opposite of what they need to survive.

Ha, it's madness.

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