If it wasn't for their constant harassment and violence, we would have forgotten about bigots a long time ago.

These are not intelligent or compelling people. They are people that are so afraid and insecure that a world outside of what they believe exists that they feel the need to attempt harm not only things that are no threat to them, but things that could actually help them be a better person.

But their refusal to embrace their own humanity is what makes them bigots.

And one of the points I will always advocate is that we are under no obligation to deal with the hostility, ignorance, harassment, etc of bigots for the sake of community. In fact, I would argue entertaining the bullshit of bigots is detrimental to a healthy community.

There is such a thing as one just being ignorant of a particular culture and that's fine, but the antagonism, angst and refusal to lesson to reason is not something that should be endured.

Honest convo begins w/ respect. Period.

This is the age of information. Asking me to 'disprove' bigoted tropes about Black/Brown folks, women, LGBTQI, Jews, etc isn't an attempt to have an 'honest conversation'. Ha, whomever does this is just an asshole.

People cling to these views because it makes them feel better about their own insecurities and fears. They get violent b/c they know they are simply not true.

Dealing with harassment and abuse is not a prerequisite to building better communities.

We don't need them. At all.


It really doesn't take much to be a decent and honest human being.

Respecting and honoring our shared humanity in an attempt to build bridges between our experiences is a very, very low bar.

If a person cannot even do that, not only is finding common ground impossible, but not even worth the attempt in the first place.

Bigots exploit our need to find commonality between ourselves to constantly inject their nonsensical bullshit into our spaces.

It's just time to close that door.

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